Financial & Environmental Sustainability of Commercial Fibre Protection Products

Financial & Environmental Sustainability of Commercial Fibre Protection Products

Do Fabric & Carpet Protection Products provide Financial & Environmental Sustainability?

With the cost of clean water, cleaning chemicals, labour and excessive wastewater removal increasing every year, we analysed whether treating all furnishings with Fiber ProTector could reduce these in order to create sustainability in the commercial and residential interior textile cleaning market.

the challenge?

To introduce sustainability to commercial and residential interior textile cleaning through the reduction of the use of clean water, cleaning chemicals, labours costs and excessive wastewater post cleaning, that is laced with detergents, from entering our drainage systems and the wider environment, by treating them with environmentally friendly Fiber ProTector. This is a fabric, rug, carpet, leather and textile protector.

The aim was to study whether a system, like Fiber ProTector, being used in a harsh, high traffic environment was highly effective, and if so, it would be highly effective in the residential market entertaining high end textile products.

The cleanliness of soft furnishings and floor coverings such as rugs and carpets is a major factor in the overall satisfaction, health and comfort of occupants. Keeping interior and outdoor furnishings clean and stain free is a high priority for home and commercial owners and can require a significant amount of time and cost to maintain the best appearance.


Fiber ProTector (company) executed a very extensive test program aimed at demonstrating the effectiveness of Fiber ProTector fabric and rug protector on a commercial carpet in high traffic area locations. In this case it was a 10 metre wide corridor in a large educational facility with foot traffic of approximately 10,000 persons per day.

Test procedure:

  • carpets vacuumed and evaluated daily
  • cleaning performed when carpets reached a degree of soiling indicated by a predetermined grey scale
  • cleaning and re-treatment with Fiber ProTector performed by trained staff, using the hot water extraction process.

Each evaluation consisted of a set of three samples, untreated carpet, carpet only initially treated with Fiber ProTector and carpet treated initially with Fiber ProTector then retreated following each cleaning cycle.


You can see from the Report Data that:

   The time period between cleaning cycles is increased by 2.5 times for initially treated sample areas and an amazing 6 times longer for sample areas treated after each cleaning cycle compared to untreated sample areas!

   30 to 75% reduction in total cleaning needs for treated carpets over the test period

   70 to 88% reduction in total cleaning needs for repeatedly treated sample areas over the test period

This means not only does the carpet maintain a clean appearance for a longer period, but also overall cleaning costs can be reduced appreciably – up to 88%!

You can use this Calculator Example to see an actual cost saving example in a Hotel environment, through the massive reduction in water chemical and labour costs and the reduced down time of a facility. The cost benefit of treating textiles, either furnishings or floor coverings with Fiber ProTector is amazing!

Fiber ProTector is the most effective and environmentally friendly fabric protection in the world!

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– Tony Leask, Managing Director