PSP Fabric Protection for Commercial Hotels,, Resorts, Offices

Commercial premises experience a lot of heavy traffic and unusual wear and tear.

PSP has your valuable products covered for longer lasting wear and protection.

PSP products are used in cinemas, theatres, hospitals, retirement homes, doctors practices, casinos, hotels and exclusive restaurants, assisted living facilities, public areas, and conference halls.

Fiber ProTector® Fabric protection to protect furnishings, curtains, leather, carpets and rugs – available through a professional Applicator. For one close to you, please CLICK HERE

Fire Defender Flame Retardant to protect curtains and furnishings, we can certify your interiors, or clean then re treat with Flame Retardant and recertify. Ideal for stage curtains, facilities curtains and common area furnishings, to make an enquiry please CLICK HERE

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Fiber ProTector® treatments open new possibilities for commercial interior designers, architects and facility managers. Once treated with Fiber ProTector®, textiles are a lot easier to clean for facilities staff and scheduled professional maintenance cleaning can be performed less often, saving money, time and the environment
You can purchase product for small jobs in our SHOP, or CLICK HERE to find the closest professional applicator to you, request a quotation or enquire about DIY application for your facility.

Upholstery/Rug Cleaning

Proprietary Healthy & Sustainable Cleaning Science


Using healthier cleaning science to neutralize and remove organic materials in carpet, rugs and upholstery, eliminating odors and increasing the health and safety of building occupants, our proprietary extractors are designed for sustainability and offer unique, patented cleaning technology including:

  • patented recycling filtration system minimizing the use of water and chemicals;
  • unique atomization wand leaving less moisture for drier, healthier textiles, with a faster turnaround for room occupancy;
  • unique heating system reducing consumption of electricity;

Fabric & Leather Protection

PSP Commercial Fabric & Leather Protection

Commercial Properties


Let Fiber ProTector® help you put your best foot forward day after day when it comes to the cleanliness of your textiles. Fiber ProTector® products have been used all over the world in high end hotels restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, medical practices, assisted living facilities, public areas, and conference halls. In this modern day, textiles should be protected and cleaned for health just as much as appearance.


Yachts and Cruise ships


Fiber ProTector® products were originally developed for the high-end cruise ship industry in Norway and have since helped protect hundreds of ships and yachts across the world. Not only does Fiber ProTector® preserve the textiles from damage amid the demanding ocean elements, but our products also help mitigate bacteria propagation on textiles.

Flame Retardant

Commercial Fabric & Upholstery Fire Protector

Cleaning & Certification

We offer a service for the insitu Flame Retardant treatment for draperies and soft furnishings with certification to  AS1530 pt2 and pt3.

Government building codes all have clauses pertaining to the flame retardant properties of flexible fabrics and materials when used in areas of assembly or egress. Fabric flammability is an important issue, especially for stage drapery and curtains that are used in public spaces such as theatres, cinemas, event venues, halls and sports centres, etc.

 Over time flammable dust will accumulate on these items and this coating of dust must be removed. During this removal, there is no guarantee of how much flame retardant is also removed from the item. The material must then be retreated again to meet code standard.