Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement

MicroSeal Australia Pty Ltd, trading as Premium Surface Protection (PSP), is headquartered in Arundel, Queensland, Australia.

At PSP, we are committed to setting new industry standards through innovative and sustainable textile protection solutions that align with the principles of the circular economy.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Operating at the intersection of innovation and sustainability, PSP offers cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the challenges of textile preservation within a circular economy framework. Our products are engineered to extend the lifespan of textiles, reduce maintenance requirements, and minimize the need for premature replacements. By employing advanced formulations and application techniques, we provide durable protection against wear, tear, spills, and mould, thereby enhancing the sustainability of furnishings.

Environmentally Friendly Products

PSP’s textile protection products are both earth, pet and human-friendly. They are free from harmful substances, including:

  • PFOA
  • PFOS
  • PFAS
  • APEO
  • Fluorocarbons
  • Forever chemicals, and
  • Chemicals of concern

Upcycling Program: Restore Furnishings, Reduce Waste

At Premium Surface Protection (PSP), the Upcycling Program is dedicated to restoring furnishings to their former glory while minimizing environmental impact. The approach ensures that furniture remains valuable and sustainable.


The programme benefits are:


Revitalizes Old Materials: Adds new value to existing interiors, making them look almost as good as new.


Extends Lifespan: Prolongs the life of furnishings that would otherwise be discarded.


Reduces CO2 Emissions: Cuts down on emissions related to new manufacturing and transportation.


Minimizes Resource Use: Lowers the consumption of chemicals, energy, and water in maintenance.


Protects Investments: Ensures your furnishings remain in top condition.


On-Site Service: Our professional teams perform all work on location, reducing travel emissions and ensuring a faster and more streamlined service.


By choosing PSP’s Upcycling Program, clients are investing in a sustainable future while maintaining the elegance of their interiors.

Our Company Philosophy

Healthy Spaces: We contribute to healthy commercial and residential spaces by using safe and non-toxic formulas.


Circular Economy: We support the circular economy by collaborating with furniture designers, OEMs, architects, designers, retailers, and end-users to clean and protect all furnishings before use and maintain a protection program post three professional cleans.


Furnishing Management: We advocate for furnishing management, ensuring that the integrity and colour of furnishing fibers are preserved in their respective environments.


Sustainable Partnerships: We work in partnership with industry-leading chemists, researchers, and suppliers to source environmentally sustainable and stable formulas.


Environmental Impact Reduction: Our philosophy is to provide products that reduce the adverse environmental impacts associated with excessive water, chemical, and energy use when cleaning and maintaining furnishings.


By integrating these practices, PSP not only enhances the longevity and aesthetics of textiles but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Tony Leask Premium Surface Protection