Everything You Need to Know about Flame Retardants in Australia

Everything You Need to Know about Flame Retardants in Australia

The importance of using flame retardants on furnishings in your home and business .

Fire-related incidents are common in Australia. Most suburbs suffer from extensive property damage due to fires. From 1851 to 2012, there has been an estimate of 800 deaths reported. In 2012, about an estimate of 1.6 billion AUD was the total cost of the fires. More recently, the 2019-2020 Australian Bushfire Crisis has destroyed around 2000 homes and killed off over 1 billion animals.

While the future is uncertain, it is important to prepare yourself and your homes against the devastation this can bring, but how? Well, there are many ways to fireproof your property, and one of the easiest ways is to use flame retardants in Australia.

What are flame retardants?

The term ‘flame retardant’ may seem self-explanatory, yet many people do not like to use it because of its bad rap. Over the years, different flame retardants in the market are eco-friendly, sustainable, and non-toxic. Like other retardants, they’re effective in preventing and slowing the spread of fires.

Most used in textiles and electronics found at home, they help keep our loves ones and investments safe.

Where can I use flame retardants products?

Countless of products in the market use flame retardants. There are even different kinds of formula to achieve the desired level of protection. Here are some of the common uses of flame retardants in Australia.

Electronics and Electrical Devices

Most electronic devices in your homes help make your lives so much better – from your TVs, computers, to your kitchen appliances. However, these products are often the cause of domestic fires due to overloading or excessive use. That is why electronics and electrical devices have flame retardant properties to stop the spread of fires.

Building and Construction Materials

The construction industry has significantly made construction materials to address different calamity-related incidents, from typhoon and earthquake proofing residential properties to creating fire retardant chemicals to improve your properties.

Home and Office Furnishings

Protecting home and office furnishings is one of the most popular uses of flame retardants in Australia. Since most furniture pieces are highly flammable, you can add a layer of fire retardant to avoid the spread of fire. You can add them to your upholstery and leather couches. Before doing so, you need to do thorough research on different professional fabric protection products to know what’s best for you.

While many people avoid adding flame retardants to their furniture piece because of its supposed side effects, these products can help people escape should a fire start indoors. So, if you want to protect yourself from domestic fires, you need to add a sustainable flame-retardant layer on your furniture’s surfaces too.

Why is fire retardant important?

Fire-related incidents are unwelcomed events in anyone’s life, yet sometimes, they come so fast and often in a blink of an eye, all our prized possessions are gone, burned down to ashes. That is why being proactive is essential to prevent any mishaps that can significantly impact your lives.

Being proactive can be as simple as using flame retardants in Australia. They are essential considering that most fire incidents and deaths happen at night, while you may be relaxing and dozing off. A good combination of smoke detectors and flame retardants is a good measure for anyone to have enough time to escape safely from a burning house.

The importance of flame retardants can be stressed enough. Upholstered furniture and cloth materials like couches, leather sofas, curtains, and drapes can cause a bigger fire in a matter of seconds. With fire retardant products, you won’t have to worry that the fire has spread to inescapable heights before the smoke detectors alarm.

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