Do you have Commercal Applicators around Australia?

Yes we do.

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Can I purchase your professional products online?

We have a range of professional products available for purchase for small applications only.
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Do you have any MSDS available?

Yes. Please find them on this page: MSDS

How do I become a Commercial Applicator for PSP?

We look to partner with companies that have the ability to promote PSP, our products, and their own businesses in a positive and energetic manner, and have the technical ability and training background especially in Upholstery, Rug and Carpet Cleaning, ideally being industry leaders in their respective regions. We give exclusivity for regions to help applicators grow their business and reward them for promotion of PSP Products in their area. 

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I am unclear what product is best for what surface. Do you have a 'help sheet'?

Yes we do have a ‘help sheet” – please click here for the Product Comparison Sheet

What makes PSP Protection Products more Effective than other products on the market?

Worldwide there are many ineffective fabric protectors. Compare us to any and all other products… point by point! 

PSP Products

Most ScotchGuard type fabric protection products

1. Penetrates and coats complete fiber and will survive many professional cleanings and normal wear. 1. Does not penetrate fiber, but coats only where spray hits. Cleaning or normal wear easily fractures the fabric protection and you must pay for re-application
2. Reduces sunfading significantly on most fabrics. Independent laboratory verification 2. No protection against sunfading. If claimed, no independent laboratory verification
3. PSP products have been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories from around the world. 3. No independent laboratory tests
4. Reduces smoke density 4. No protection. In fact, most fabric protectors are highly toxic when they burn.
5. Reduces flame spread. 5. No claims of reducing flame spread.
6. If flame retardant is applied to fabrics, retardant is sealed in so normal everyday cleaning won’t remove. 6. No protection for flame retardant
7. Colorfast-has no effect on color or texture of treated fabrics. 7. Have been known to “yellow” light colored fabrics over time or when sprayed.
8. Mildew and static electricity resistance 8. No protection.
9. PSP only attaches to fibers and will not seal in anything non-fibrous, so fabric / carpet does not have to be clean before application. 9. Many products will seal both fibrous and non-fibrous particles. Therefore, dirty fabrics treated with these chemicals will have dirt, stains, etc., sealed in at time of treatment.
10. Does not damage woodwork, metal
paint or glass. Safe and easy to use.
10. Will spot woodwork, metal and glass. Can cause problems if not removed quickly.
11. Can be used on any material with a fibrous nature including suedes and smooth finished leathers 11. Cannot be used on some types of fabrics, such as suede or smooth finished leathers
12. MicroSeal is non-toxic and non-allergenic. 12. EPA test reports have cited health and environmental concerns with fabric protectors that use flurochemicals and PTFE Resin.

Our products will always win the most important test of all…THE TEST OF TIME.

I am looking to purchase a rug and would like to know more about care and maintenance before I invest.

Jumbuck Cleaning & Restoration is proudly a MicroSeal applicator  and Woolsafe approved Rug Spa company in Melbourne. We hope that the information contained in our rug care videos will help you in purchasing, caring for and enjoying your rugs!

Click Here to view our range of informative Rug Videos and view the videos that help you most.

How do I perpare for my Fiber ProTector application appointment?

Click here to view our helpful how to prepare video