FAQs for our Product and Service

How do PSP products helps minimise the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria?

Fiber ProTector® is created with nano-tech particles, that when applied, reduce the surface tension of the individual fibers. It creates an invisible, yet breathable shield around each fiber, providing an effective barrier against organic fluids, soil, dust and spores, that when combined with other factors such as moisture, darkness, dampness and heat can lead to mould.

The unique and proprietary Fiber ProTector® system is engineered to mechanically produce a bacteriostatic surface to resist the growth and spread of pathogens, mould, and mildew. This is of particular value for individuals with allergies, asthma or a weakened immune system when subjected to recycled indoor air.

It makes it easier for you to clean these contaminants off before the damage begins. Please note that you still need to undertake regular cleaning yourself, such as vacuuming, to avoid the surface contamination that settles becoming mould and growing through or on the textile.

Why do you have more than one fabric, leather and rug protection product offering?

We are distributors for and provide a combination of the most respected, tested, endorsed, effective and environmentally safe products in the world, being Fiber ProTector, MicroSeal and Decorgard, allowing us to further target textile compositions, the situation and end usage. Our professional applicators carry all products with them so they can make a judgement call if necessary.

When considering other protectors please remember PSP offers:

Resistance Protection
Other solutions only coat your upholstery, an application of PSP products will penetrate and encapsulate fibres and withstand multiple commercial cleanings.

Unique Nanotechnology to Protect & Strengthen
PSP products resist against stains, UV Sun Fade, and bacteria. Even better it adds abrasion strength and wear integrity without changing the texture or colour of your item.

Great Value For Money
PSP protection can extend the life of fabrics and fibres by years for only a small percentage of the items cost.

Proven Environmentally Safe By Independent Laboratories
PSP Textile Treatment products are considered the leading environmentally safe protectors in the world with no fluorochemicals, and biodegradable. Tested annually and endorsed by the Woolsafe organisation.

Yes we do have a ‘help sheet” – please click here for the Product Comparison Sheet

Do you have a professional residential and commercial upholstery and rug protection application service?

Yes we do. From one residential Rug to a full commercial interior fit out. Premium Surface Protection is a specialised service company focused on the treatment and protection of all textiles in commercial and residential interior fit outs.

Premium Surface protection has the exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights to the world’s leading textile protection products including  Fiber ProTector, Decorgard and Fire Defender. Our fabric, leather, rug and carpet protection products are the preferred anti soil treatments for premium hotel chains, cruise ships, corporate offices, airlines and residences, and the first choice of manufacturers, furnishing suppliers and interior designers.

Premium Surface protection has a fine tuned business structure which provides their clients with a highly effective preventative maintenance system which extends both the original appearance of their valuable assets and therefore the life cycle of the assets, reduces scheduled maintenance cleaning, saves on costs and thus contributes towards a sustainable residence or commercial facility.

Please click on this link to view our company Capabilities Statement

How do I prepare for my residential furniture and rug protection application appointment? How long does it take? Is there a smell? When can I use my furniture?

Click here to view our helpful video on how to prepare for your fabric protection in home service.

There is an odor on application, which rapidly dissipates, it is a non toxic carrier called isopropyl alcohol which aides in the overall performance of the protection. An entire room of furniture usually only takes about 1 to 2 hours to treat, the odor will vanish after 30 minutes depending on ventilation.

You can use the treated upholstery after 4 hours, but overnight is always best if possible. Area Rugs and carpets are best left overnight before foot traffic and large furniture items are placed on them.

What makes PSP Protection Products more Effective than other products on the market?

Worldwide there are many ineffective fabric protectors. Compare us to any and all other products… point by point!

PSP Products

 Fiber ProTector –Decorgard

Most ScotchGard type fabric protection products including Fluorochemicals and silicon dioxide SiO2 (liquid Glass)
1. Penetrates and coats complete fiber and will survive many professional cleanings and normal wear. 1. Does not penetrate fiber, but coats only where spray hits. Cleaning or normal wear easily fractures the fabric protection and you must pay for re-application, water based protectors will never be able to penetrate textiles, fact!
2. Reduces sun fading significantly on most fabrics. Independent laboratory verification 2. No protection against sun fading. If claimed, no independent laboratory verification
3. PSP products have been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories from around the world. 3.No independent laboratory tests
4. Reduces smoke density 4. No protection. In fact, most fabric protectors are highly toxic when they burn.
5. Reduces flame spread. 5. No claims of reducing flame spread.
6. If flame retardant is applied to fabrics, retardant is sealed in so normal everyday cleaning won’t remove. 6. No protection for flame retardant
7. Colorfast-has no effect on color or texture of treated fabrics. 7. Have been known to “yellow” light colored fabrics over time or when sprayed. This is especially true with Silicone, SiO2 silicon dioxide or liquid glass products.
8. Mildew and static electricity resistance 8. No protection.
9. PSP only attaches to fibers and will not seal in anything non-fibrous, so fabric / carpet does not have to be clean before application. 9. Many products will seal both fibrous and non-fibrous particles. Therefore, dirty fabrics treated with these chemicals will have dirt, stains, etc., sealed in at time of treatment.
10. Does not damage woodwork, metal paint or glass. Safe and easy to use. 10. Will spot woodwork, metal and glass. Can cause problems if not removed quickly. Water based products also cause shrinkage!
11. Can be used on any material with a fibrous nature including suedes and smooth finished leathers 11. Cannot be used on some types of fabrics, such as suede or smooth finished leathers, water based products are a disaster for Viscose and in fact any cellulosic fibre
12. Fiber ProTector is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Our Protectors contain NO-ZERO PFOA or PFOS ingredients!

12. EPA test reports have cited health and environmental concerns with fabric protectors that use flurochemicals PFOS/PFOA and PTFE Resin, just because a product is water based does not mean it is environmentally friendly and non toxic.

Our products will always win the most important test of all…THE TEST OF TIME.

How long will my treatment last? Do I need to reapply after each professional cleaning cycle?

Your treatment will not fracture with abrasion and general wear and tear. This high level of permanency is unique to our products, as most protectors especially water based protectors have a very short life cycle, won’t withstand abrasion and need regular retreating.

Generally, professional cleaning processes to Australian standards using neutral ph detergents will be able to be performed multiple times on textiles treated by Premium Surface Protection before re treatment is necessary.

Some detergents, presprays and solvent based cleaners can strip out our protectors prematurely when dealing with heavy or unusual soiling, in this scenario we recommend re treatment straight away, otherwise every 4 to 5 years or 2nd or third professional clean as required. Laboratory testing has shown Fiber ProTector is still effective at resisting oil based and water based soiling even after 4 professional cleanings, check out the results!

Can I purchase your professional products online?

We have a range of professional protection and spot cleaning products available for purchase for small applications only. All shipping costs to your area are available in the checkout. Products can be found in our SHOP

I am looking to purchase a rug and would like to know more about care and maintenance before I invest.

Jumbuck Cleaning & Restoration in Melbourne is proudly an applicator for the PSP range of products including Fiber ProTector protection products and Fire Defender flame retardants, they are also a Woolsafe approved Rug Spa company. We hope that the information contained in our rug care videos will help you in purchasing, caring for and enjoying your rugs!


Not all rugs and fibres are created equal but the best thing you can do for any rug of any composition is to protect it with Fiber ProTector as soon as you purchase it if not before! Click Here to view our range of informative Rug Videos.

Do you have any Safety Data Sheets or test reports available?

Yes. Please find them on this page: MSDS

We also have a multitude of test reports, in fact hundreds! From skin reaction tests to effectiveness tests, UV fade reduction test reports and annual WoolSafe effectiveness and safety testing, Yes that is correct ANNUAL! Try to get that from other upholstery and rug protection products!

Our products are used in the most regulated situations around the globe, the rail industry, aerospace industry, aged care, hotels and resorts, just let us know what matters to you and we will have a report for it!

After 30 years, the only test that matters is the test of time!