Fiber Protector

The Most Effective 1st Line of Defense against Soiling, Staining & the Environment.

Protecting the Beauty, Colour & Life of Your Furnishings.

Fiber ProTector® is the most technically advanced and effective fiber protection system available.
It is designed to help keep fibers clean and stain free.
This treatment will help to maintain a textile’s original appearance while extending it’s service life cycle.

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Interior Designers use Fiber ProTector® for hotels and restaurants, hospitals and institutions, shops and office environments, ships, planes, trains and buses, theatres and concert venues.



Fiber ProTector® products are used and approved for hospitals, retirement homes, doctors practices, hotels and exclusive restaurants, assisted living facilities, public areas, and conference halls.


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Home owners use Fiber ProTector® for wall-to-wall carpet, cloth and leather upholstery and chairs, curtains and draperies, bed linen and blankets, rugs (including Oriental, Persian and Navajo).


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The Premium Professional Fibre Care System


Through Fiber ProTector Carpet protection and Fiber ProTector Textile protection, we have developed a revolutionary system that encapsulates every fiber in the fabric. This prevents dirt and fluids from penetrating and sticking to the fabric.All carpets and upholstery protected when new or not, will require maintenance. Fiber ProTector treatments will not keep spills and dirt from landing on a carpet or chair; it simply provides easy stain removal and reduced intervals of deep cleaning; thereby achieving considerable savings in cleaning and replacement costs. The net effect is that the original appearance can be maintained by routine cleaning.Fiber ProTector will not effect the natural properties of textiles either in appearance or by feel.

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Environmentally Friendly


Fiber ProTector is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment. This innovative treatment incorporates antimicrobial technology, and acts biocidically to prevent the development and spread of bacteria, while offering protection against staining and dirt retention. Cleaning is performed more efficiently and the appearance of soft furnishings significantly enhanced. The use of Fiber ProTector is an important contribution to a better environment that is of great value to individuals with allergies and asthma. Fiber ProTector creates a molecular shield around each fiber and helps prevent fabrics from attracting dust and dirt. The static charge between fibers and dirt particles is reduced, making vacuuming twice as effective. Protects against bacteria, fungus and mold
Carpets and furniture can be “bacterial bombs.” New research shows that office chairs can contain more bacteria than a toilet seat. Damp carpets can create smells and an indoor environment hazardous to health because fungus and mold can develop under the carpet. Fiber ProTector is bacteriostatic and helps prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus and mold.

Preventative Maintenance to save replacement of furnishing and therefore money


Fiber ProTector is specialized in preventative maintenance solutions. Not only will the carpet look like new for longer but it will also decrease yearly maintenance costs. Having your textiles treated with Fiber ProTector helps reduce the use of cleaning chemicals, water and electricity. How is this possible? Fiber ProTector has a revolutionary system that is able to encapsulate the microscopic holes within the carpets’ or fabrics’ fiber. Therefore the fiber keeps all of its natural properties of appearance and feel as well as breathability. Daily vacuuming does most of the job for you. It takes away the majority of the dirt and dust particles which otherwise would attach themselves to the fibers and cause poor air quality as well as development of unwanted germs and bacteria. Having your textiles treated requires less passes with the vacuum cleaner. When cleaning the carpets, only the use of hot water is enough to remove parts that have not been removed by the vacuum cleaner. This is how we help preserve nature. Our products do not contain any dangerous or harmful components, while at the same time Fiber ProTector has a long lasting, positive effect.

Additionally, having your upholstery and carpets protected with Fiber ProTector will keep them looking like new for longer. It also prolongs the overall lifespan of upholstery and carpets as our protection reduces the need for excessive cleaning. The best product for the protection of upholstery and carpets is Fiber ProTector, because we specialize, innovate and care for your investment.

The Advantages of using Fiber ProTector Products and Services:

    • Provides easy stain release and removal
    • Prolongs the life of your upholstery and carpets
    • Effective shield against most oil and water based stain causing liquids
    • Protects against UV sun-fading
    • Reduces wear and tear
    • Makes vacuuming more effective
    • Improves indoor air quality
    • Prevents the spread of unwanted bacteria and germs
    • Improves professional deep cleaning, saving you time and money
    • Reduces necessary amount of chemicals and water needed for cleaning