Fighting Stains and Microbial Growth

How do we Fight Stains and Microbial Growth?

Fiber ProTector fabric protection helps prevent bacteria, fungus and mould growth on Rugs, Carpet, fabric and leather upholstery, curtains and drapes by creating an invisible shield around each fibre providing an effective barrier against organic fluids, soil and dust.

The unique and proprietary Fiber ProTector system is engineered to be bacterially static to resist the growth and spread of pathogens, mould and mildew. This is of particular value for commercial interiors and also individuals with allergies and asthma when subjected to recycled air.

Fiber ProTector fabric protection is built with nano-tech particles and has the lowest friction of any known material

Fiber ProTector has for years been the preferred anti soil treatment for Interior Designers, Furniture Suppliers and discerning home owners

Fiber ProTector fabric and leather protection is extremely durable and resists against mechanical wear, tear and cleaning for many years when adhering to prescribed maintenance instructions.

The treatment reduces the frequency of cleanings because research shows that treated carpets, rugs and textiles are less statically loaded than when untreated. It is easier to remove dirt and dust from materials treated with Fiber ProTector fabric protection by Premium Surface Protection.