Luxury Rug Protection: A Collaboration with Designer Rugs at Pacific Fair

Luxury Rug Protection: A Collaboration with Designer Rugs at Pacific Fair

In the heart of Broadbeach Waters on the Gold Coast, Pacific Fair stands as a testament to high end shopping and now luxury rug protection.

In the illustrious company of Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Tiffany & Co., the recent installation of six Designer Rugs, valued at approximately $100k, has elevated the shopping experience to new heights. These high-end floor coverings, adorned with exquisite craftsmanship, are now protected with an extra layer of care – a touch of luxury rug protection. Enter Premium Surface Protection, selected by Pacific Fair, highly recommended by Designer Rugs, to ensure these valuable investments maintain their pristine fibres amid the hustle and bustle of high-end retail life.

Preserving Elegance

Luxury is not merely a state of mind; it’s a tactile experience. In recognising this, Pacific Fair embarked on a mission to preserve the fibres of its luxury rugs. The choice to collaborate with Premium Surface Protection was a decision rooted in a shared commitment to impeccable aesthetics and lasting impressions.

Why Premium Surface Protection?

In our recent collaboration at Pacific Fair, the essence of true luxury resides in the enduring quality of high-end rugs. Premium Surface Protection employs an advanced technological approach that goes beyond conventional methods. Our products are meticulously designed to fortify and shield rug fibres, preventing breakage and ensuring the long-term integrity of these exquisite pieces. Through a bespoke understanding of high-end materials, Premium Surface Protection introduces a paradigm shift in luxury rug protection.

Premium Surface Protection employs a sophisticated and scientifically advanced approach to safeguard the luxurious rugs at Pacific Fair. Our protective layers are meticulously crafted with a cutting-edge formula that integrates seamlessly with the fibres of the rug. The fundamental mechanism involves the formation of a micro-thin protective coating on the surface of each fibre. This coating, although invisible to the naked eye, plays a crucial role in fortifying the fibres against external elements.

Luxury Rug Protection an Impact on Longevity

Luxury rugs, often crafted from delicate materials and featuring intricate designs, are susceptible to wear and stains in high-traffic areas.

At the heart of our protection process is a strategic molecular bonding that occurs between the protective coating and the rug fibres. This bonding creates a shield that acts as a barrier against glare, effectively minimising the impact of environmental factors such as UV radiation. This ensures that the vibrant colours of the rugs are shielded from the degrading effects of prolonged exposure to light. This molecular shield not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of the rugs but also enhances their durability.

Furthermore, the protective coating acts as a formidable barrier against other potential threats, including spills and stains. Its hydrophobic nature repels liquids, preventing them from permeating the rug fibres. This, in turn, facilitates easier cleaning and maintenance, extending the lifespan of the rugs.

Pacific Fair’s decision to entrust Premium Surface Protection with the care of these rugs is a strategic move towards preserving their longevity. The protective shield created by Premium Surface Protection not only repels spills but also guards against the gradual wear and tear inflicted by the bustling footfall of discerning shoppers.

Luxury Rug Protection an Economic Prudence

While the aura of luxury is priceless, the economic considerations are undeniably practical. By choosing Premium Surface Protection, Pacific Fair anticipates a significant reduction in cleaning costs. The protective layer ensures that stains can be swiftly eliminated with minimal effort, translating to reduced labour hours and a diminished need for cleaning products. This economic prudence aligns with Pacific Fair’s commitment to efficiency without compromising on the quality of presentation.


In the realm of luxury, every detail matters. Pacific Fair’s choice of investing in luxury rug protection, strategically placed in the vicinity of global fashion icons, reflects not just a commitment to aesthetics but a visionary approach to longevity and economic sensibility. As the rugs bask in the glow of Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Tiffany & Co., they are not just floor coverings; they are enduring pieces of art, gracefully preserved by the mastery of Premium Surface Protection.

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– Tony Leask, Founder and CEO


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