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DECORGARD PROTECTOR is a Woolsafe Approved partially fluoronated acrylic co-polymer, it is a clear liquid that has a mild, pleasant odour, the solvent blend is NON TOXIC and does not contain any PFOS or PFOA.

Decorgard Textile Protector is a solvent based acrylic co polymer product that provides a durable, penetrating, non-film forming transparent protective barrier against water and oil based contamination. Available as a ready to use product for professional cleaners, protection companies and manufacturers, not for retail purchase.

USED ON: Upholstery, Rugs and Carpet

SAFE ON: Natural and Synthetic Fibres, tested annually by the Woolsafe Organisation in London

IDEAL FOR: Viscose, Cotton, Linen, Wool, All Natural and Synthetic textile compositions



DECORGARD repels oil and water based stains and general soiling, and is effective on both synthetic and natural fibres. It is a fast drying product which is very suitable for treating upholstery, rugs, curtains, car seats, some timber and masonry decor, waterproof clothing and some types of leather such as suede, aniline and nubuck. Some advantages of the DECORGARD PROTECTOR are :-

  1. Easily applied by spray equipment
  2. Dries more rapidly than water based protectants
  3. Does not change the “feel” or appearance of the textile

Decorgard is available to professional applicators only, please see below data sheets

Decorgard Technical Data Sheet

Decorgard SDS

Decorgard Woolsafe Approval & Certification

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