Fiber ProTector

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Fiber ProTector® treatments open new possibilities for interior designers, architects and home owners. Once treated with Fiber ProTector®, fine and light color fabrics may be used in interiors where they would be unsuitable if not protected.

USED IN: Home theatres, Lounge rooms, Bedrooms

USED ON: Cloth seating, Curtains, Cushions, upholstered chairs, Rugs, Carpet, Upholstered Leather or Cloth Lounges and Seats, Leather and Suede Coats and Shoes

SAFE ON: Fabric, Leather, Wool, Cotton, Silk

TOTALLY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, No Fluorochemicals – Zero VOCs

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1 Gallon (solvent based), 4 x 1 Gallons (solvent based), 1 Gallon (water based)


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