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Premium Surface Protection has sourced the world’s leading protection products designed to help keep your assets clean and stain free, having multiple resources allows us to better target each protection project and textile composition.


Premium Surface Protection (PSP) proudly represent globally renowned products that are safe on textiles and furniture and are your best insurance against everyday mishaps, whether they be in the home, hotel, showroom, office, boat or plane.


All our products are designed to enhance and prolong the life of surfaces and fibres, thus increasing the value of that asset. They operate with a strong focus on sustainability and lowering environmental impact.


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PSP Products and Their Application

Fiber Protector™

PSP Fiber Protector Fabric Protector 2021

Fiber ProTector® treatments open new possibilities for interior designers, architects and home owners. Once treated with Fiber ProTector®, fine and light colour fabrics may be used in interiors where they would be unsuitable if not protected.


USED IN: Commercial, Residential, Government and Design projects

USED ON: Upholstery, Curtains, Cushions, Rugs, Carpet and Leather

SAFE ON: Fabric, Leather, Wool, Cotton, Silk

TOTALLY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, Woolsafe approved

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fire defender fabric protection by Premium Surface Protection logo

Fire Defender is a durable, non-toxic, fire retardant penetrating solution which when cured and dried, is odourless and colourless.


USED ON: Fire Defender will retard flame in materials such as fabrics, poly foam, paper, rugs, carpets and wood. When it is applied to fabrics, upholstery, carpets or wood, these surfaces will retain their color and resist sun rot up to 50% longer.

SAFE ON: Most natural and synthetic fibres, test first

IDEAL FOR use on interior fit out projects to comply with the National Construction Code of Australia and Building Code of New Zealand.

We can arrange testing for individual projects, protect and certify fabrics on the roll or insitu as finished furnishings, wall coverings and floor coverings.

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Premium Surface protection Decorgard

Decorgard Textile Protector is a solvent based acrylic co polymer product that provides a durable, penetrating, non-film forming transparent protective barrier against water and oil based contamination.

Available as a ready to use product for professional cleaners, protection companies and manufacturers, not for retail purchase.


USED ON: Upholstery, Rugs and Carpet

SAFE ON: Natural and Synthetic Fibres, tested annually by the Woolsafe Organisation in London

IDEAL FOR: Viscose, Cotton, Linen, Wool, All Natural and Synthetic textile compositions

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