See how fabric protection should work

See how fabric protection should work

How does Fabric Protection work?

Premium Surface Protection products are not coaters like scotchgard and teflon and dont carry the health risks and performance effectiveness issues associated with scotchgard and teflon fabric protectors.

Premium Surface Protection proprietary brands Fiber ProTector, MicroSeal and Decorgard are all highly effective fabric protection products and carry independent lab tests. They work by penetrating the textiles they are applied to giving a high level of permanency, this is done through nanotechnology.

What are the multi dimensional benefits of fabric protection products by Premium Surface Protection?

A high level of permanency compared to mainstream products such as scotchguard

  • UV sunfade protection
  • wear and abrasion resistance
  • bacterial and mould resistance
  • stain resistance
  • antistatic properties

Please view the video above to see how adding fabric protection to your fabrics, textiles, rugs and leather works:

  • It will not discolour what it is applied to oil and water based contamination
  • It is is a lot easier to deal with
  • structural integrity is increased in the fibre compared to an un protected textile