What to Expect

What to expect from our Professional Fabric Protection service and product

Having PSP professional fabric protection applied to your new or freshly cleaned furnishings, carpet or Rug will protect it and save money in cleaning.

PSP products are a preventative maintenance system that makes fibres less absorbent, which buys you time to grab a cloth or paper towel and blot away spills easily.

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How does the Best Fabric Protection work?


It’s a bit like water rolling off a ducks back. We use quality protection treatments that repel both water and oil based spills. A protector to suit your particular circumstance is applied to your new or freshly cleaned item. When it’s dry, it makes each fibre less absorbent so that it resists contamination by liquid spills. This buys you time to grab a cloth and blot away the spill before it causes damage or causes a permanent stain. It makes spot cleaning easier and makes fabrics last longer and clean better than unprotected fabrics.

Drying time ranges between 2 and 4 hours depending on what it is applied to and conditions, items can be used straight away after this period, but it is always best to leave for 24 hours if possible.

Will it need to be replaced after it is professionally cleaned?


Proper upholstery cleaning should not remove our well applied protectors, especially if the right cleaning agents have been used. However it does wear down over a period of time. We generally recommend re-application at around 4 to 5 years for FiberProtector or after the second or third clean, depending on the use it is getting.

PSP fabric protection products will not make your product invulnerable, but does give you the BEST POSSIBLE chance of stain removal yourself or by a professional, all fabrics can be permanently stained by soiling if left.

Does it make furnishings bullet proof?


No it wont stop bullets or paint, bleach or battery acid, or highly acidic stains e.g. Urine, vomit, bleach, iodine, ink or food dyes, but will resist spills of normal household beverages such as soft drink and juices, the things you are more likely to spill, plus it makes your spot cleaning much easier from those little sticky fingers and the like. It also helps keep your furnishings cleaner than if unprotected and extends the life of your furnishings.

Even though no warranty is implied or given on highly acidic soiling, e.g. Urine, vomit, bleach, iodine, ink or food dyes, testing and customer feedback has shown they can still be successfully cleaned after application of a PSP surface protection treatment if prompt action is taken, if this type of soiling is left, the fibres can be burnt and structural integrity of the fibre changed, it is not merely a mark to be removed with spot cleaning but a permanently damaged fibre. This type of spill would cause instant permanent damage if un protected.

Our products give great Sun Fade protection and independent lab test reports show significant UVA and UVB resistant benefits over a wide variety of synthetic and natural fibres.

Not all protection products are created equal.


The days of ScotchGard are over!


At PSP we use only the best products recognised worldwide as the best possible fabric protection solutions of which we are the Australian manufacturers and distributors. Regular maintenance cleaning by a professional is advised so that cleaning does not become a restoration clean, you will not need to reapply our products after regular maintenance cleaning. There is no need to vary from the manufacturers suggested cleaning requirements it will just be a whole lot easier after your PSP treatment.

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