Benefits of Leather Protector on Your Furniture

Benefits of Leather Protector on Your Furniture

How do you Protect your brand new leather sofa when you get it home?

Did you just order a new leather sofa for your living space? Well, that’s one of the best decisions you have ever made if you’re redesigning your space. Leather ottomans and sofas are among the most durable and low maintenance furniture pieces, which means keeping them clean is relatively simple and easy. However, there are different types of leather upholstery and each type requires specific cleaning requirements.

So, before you get too excited relaxing on your new leather couch, it’s best to learn how to keep it clean. Read on to know how to keep your leather furniture pieces clean with a high-quality leather protector.

What Is a Leather Protector?

Leather furniture doesn’t come cheap. And it’s a must to protect it from dirt and damage. Do you think that it’s a little too much to invest in a leather protector? Well, the answer is it isn’t.

Leather protectors are simple and innovative solutions that protect your furniture pieces from erratic weather, hard-to-remove dirt, mud, and other nasty elements that may leave stain on them.

Leather Protectors: Reliable. Simple. Cost-Effective

Sure, buying leather upholstered furniture has its own set of benefits. But if you want to maximise its benefits, you need to learn how to maintain and care for it.

One way to ensure that your leather sofas will last a lifetime is by using leather and non-toxic fabric protectors. They guarantee that your furniture will look better and better as the years go by. Here are the top three benefits of using leather protectors:

Cleans Without Damaging the Surface

Most homeowners clean their leather furniture with solvent cleaners; this is one of the most common mistakes in cleaning furniture. While this is an effective solution, it can sometimes cause irreversible damage to the leather’s surface and can cause severe discolouration.

Because leather protectors are usually oil-based, they work well in removing stains without dissolving or damaging the leather surface.

Repels Liquid Substances

How many times did you accidentally spill your wine or drink on the sofa? Once? Twice? Or was it too many times that you can’t recall the exact number? Well, you’re not alone. Spillage is one of the most common causes of sofa stains. Luckily, leather protectors are excellent in repelling all types of liquid substances.

Prolonged exposure to water can leave permanent stains on your leather furniture. And the good news is that leather protectors create a thin layer of oil on the surface to repel water and avoid any water damage.

Simple and Easy Application

Like other cleaning products, you can just spray and wipe off leather protectors to keep your pieces of furniture looking new. You don’t have to worry about sun or water damage since they create an invisible barrier of protection that is suitable for all leather types and colours.

Taking Care of Your Leather Furniture

Leather couches are a classic addition to any living space. They are elegant and relatively easy to clean – as long as you act fast. Avoid severe damage by cleaning and attending to spillage, scratches, or tears immediately.

Read on and learn how to handle tricky stains, scuffs, and make your furniture shine, looking anew.

  • Do not place it near heat sources.

Like wood, leather will fade, crack, or stiffen when placed near heat sources, since it can quickly dry up. When placing your leather furniture, make sure you position it far from fireplaces or in a spot that gets direct sunlight.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals.

When cleaning a leather sofa, always make sure to use the right cleaning solutions. You can use a damp cloth to get rid of the dust and dirt. If you’re doing this for the first time, check the leather’s surface. Make sure it doesn’t absorb water. If it does, use a dry cloth to pat dry the area where absorption occurs.

  • Regularly vacuum your furniture.

Ironically, the best way to avoid the hassle that comes with cleaning your leather sofa is by regularly vacuuming it. Most dirt and stains accumulate and set in, which makes them harder to remove. Only a vacuum can create that deep clean your leather sofa needs. Also, take the time to wipe down your couch with a soft cloth to prevent further dirt and grime buildup.

  • Check the cleaning instruction of your furniture.

Before cleaning your leather furniture, make sure to check the cleaning instructions. If you don’t have the manual, and you’re not sure about how to clean it, you can search the internet or call the manufacturer to ask for tips and recommendations for safe cleaning products to use.

  • Apply a leather conditioner regularly.

Conditioning the leather regularly keeps it from developing cracks. Deliberately apply a leather conditioner or a professional fabric protection product once or twice a year. You can easily purchase these products from local furniture shops. Make sure to buy quality brands so that you won’t end up harming the leather.

Investing in Extra Protection

Fabrics, leathers, rugs, and carpets need protection to ensure longevity and safety. If you have pets or young children, and you’re concerned about damage, think about investing in high-quality products that protect your pieces of leather furniture.

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